Banff Tips for Saving Money

Annual Pass Savings

Banff National Park Entrance
Banff National Park East Entrance

Banff tips for saving money starts with the possibility of saving half your entrance fee to Banff National Park.

Banff National Park charges an entry fee. For adults, the April 1, 2009 until March 31, 2010 fee is $9.80 for an Adult day pass. You can also buy an annual pass for $67.70. If you are going to stay in the national parks for more than seven days, then the annual pass is the better deal.

But you can effectively get annual entry for half the annual rate if you visit every year. This is how we do it. We pick the dates we want to visit each year, usually around mid July. The first year we go about two weeks later. The next year we go about two weeks earlier when the annual pass from the last year is still valid. That way we get our two week annual Banff vacation for two years for the price of one year. We have been doing this for about ten years with the net result that we have saved half the cost of our entry fees.

For more details on entry fees visit the Banff National Park of Canada fee page. [Opens in new window]