Banff Parks Canada Informtion Sign
Information Sign in Downtown Banff

Banff-resources are provided that can help you plan your Banff National Park vacation. These are mostly in the form of websites. Two websites are central to your planning:

  • Parks Canada - Banff National Park of Canada - Home page
  • Official Site of Banff Lake Louise Tourism

The first gives you the non-commercial information you will want to know about the park, such as campsites, fees, park activities, etc.

The second gives you the commercial information you will want to know, such as lodging, restaurants, commercial activities, etc.

Both websites are extremely well done and cover the things you want to know better than we can on our website.

So why bother with the Banff-on-a-Budget website. For two reasons:

  • Neither of the above websites or their associated help desks can give you any information that would favor one vendor over another. We have no such constraints and can share our personal experience to help you make more informed decisions.
  • Our concentration on saving you money saves you researching this information yourself from hundreds of web pages.

Banff National Park of Canada Website

This Parks Canada Website on Banff National Park of Canada is one of your best resources on Banff and the park. The home page left hand menu gives you a clue of what you will find on the website.

  • Welcome
  • Planning Your Visit
  • Introduction
  • What's New
  • Visitor Information
  • Natural Wonders & Cultural Treasures
  • Activities
  • Learning Experiences
  • Park Management
  • Public Safety
  • Important Bulletins
  • Weather Forecast
  • Trail Conditions Report
  • Road Conditions Report
  • Avalanche Bulletin
  • Contact Us

There is a wealth of information under each heading and much more. For example, when you enter the park and pay your entrance fee you will be given several publications. You can download these in printable PDF files from this website ahead of time and use the information in your planning. You can follow the links from this website to make reservations at the many campgrounds. And there is a search box if you want to by-pass the navigation links. Under sections called "related locations" and "related links", you can get to the main official high-quality websites that will inform you about almost anything you want to know about the area.

Official Site of Banff Lake Louise Tourism

The Official Site of Banff Lake Louise website gives you several cuts at navigation and there is also a search function. Going through the graphical navigation lets you see many beautiful graphics of Banff, but can slow you down if you are trying to zero in on a specific topic.

My favorite way to find information is to go to the site map link on the top navigation bar next to the search box.

The structure of the website may change over time, but the site map lets you quickly find what you want: Under Accommodations are the various categories of lodging. Under Experience the Park are Dining and Night Life. The site map lets you quickly find all the content of this content-rich website. Well worth exploring.

These links take you to varied, up-to-date information on virtually all commercial restaurants, accommodations, and activities in the Banff Townsite and Lake Louise Townsite, and other commercial locations throughout Banff National Park.