Banff National Park Map Snippets

Banff National Park map snippets contains topological maps of Banff National Park from the Department of Natural Resources Canada and Google maps. These are used to augment descriptions of tourist attractions on the this website.

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The Google maps include blue bubbles of attractions. Clicking on the bubble gives the name of the attraction and a link to the Banff on a Budget webpage where it is described.

Banff Townsite

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This Google Map has been annotated to show points of interest described on the Banff-on-a-Budget website.

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Bow Lake on Icefields Parkway

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Bow Lake Picnic Area, Icefields Parkway
Banff National Park

Travelling north from Lake Louise on the Icefields Parkway you pass the Mosquito Creek campground and the HI hostel, pass the Crowfoot Glacier interpretive turn-out and then on to the picnic area on the east side of Bow Lake (toilets).

On the north side of Bow Lake is the famous Num-Ti-Jah Lodge (toilets and food).

Continue up to Bow Pass, the highest point in the road, and a little beyond to the Peyto Lake viewpoint turn-off -- not to be missed.