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Banff Homestead Inn
Banff Homestead Inn

Are cheap Banff hotel or Lake Louise hotel accommodations an Oxymoron? After all, this is a high-price resort area. If you don't want to camp, stay in a hostel, or risk a bed and breakfast, are there other affordable Banff hotel lodging options? Yes, if you do your homework. The goal of this page is to make your homework easier.

The lodgings listed here are your conventional accommodations found in travel books such as the AAA Touring Guides, chamber-of-commerce material, tourism literature, travel magazines, and from searches on the Internet.

So what's different? For those on a budget you will find them sorted by price -- which save you time and effort as you plan and execute your a Banff Canadian vacation at a cost you can afford.

The heart of this page is the table below with Banff hotel lodgings sorted by price. With few exceptions, the prices are taken from the hotel website and are the lowest priced room for two people for one night -- Wednesday, July 30, 2008 -- with reservations made about three weeks earlier.

And the good news is, you can usually beat these prices. Make sure you read the material below the table to understand what the prices are and how you might be able to lower them more.

Because of the economy, many travelers are restricting their travel during 2009, which is resulting in some extraordinary bargains. This is not good for the Banff economy, but great for the budget-minded traveler. Look for these bargains and don't hesitate to negotiate for the best rate you can. Hotel managers do not like empty rooms.

Banff Hotel Prices
Price Hotel Website Class
<$129 Arrow Motel Hotel
$119 Inns Of Banff L&I
$125 Banff Beaver Cabins C&C
$129 Driftwood Inn Hotel
$135 Bow View Lodge Hotel
$135 Bumper's Inn L&I
$139 Homestead Inn L&I
$140 Irwin's Mountain Inn Hotel
$140 Red Carpet Inn L&I
$150 Elkhorn Lodge L&I
$150 Hillside Bungalows B&B C&C
$150 Storm Mountain Lodge & Cabins C&C
$159 Banff Voyager Inn L&I
$159 Rundle Manor Apartment Hotel Hotel
$166 Banff Aspen Lodge Hotel
$170 Deer Lodge L&I
$175 A Banff Boutique Inn - Pension Tannenhof L&I
$175 Charlton's Cedar Court Hotel
$179 Banff Avenue Inn L&I
$179 Banff Inn L&I
$179 Banff Ptarmigan Inn L&I
$185 Spruce Grove Inn L&I
$189 High Country Inn L&I
$199 Lake Louise Inn L&C / C&C
$199 Mount Royal Hotel Hotel
$209 Banff Caribou Lodge & Spa Hotel
$209 Banff Rocky Mountain Resort C&C
$209 Hidden Ridge Resort C&C
$211 Best Western Siding 29 Lodge Hotel
$215 Paradise Lodge & Bungalows L&I / C&C
$219 Fox Hotel & Suites Hotel
$220 Baker Creek Chalets L&I / C&C
$228 Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets C&C
$229 Brewster's Mountain Lodge Hotel
$232 The Juniper Hotel & Bistro Hotel
$233 Tunnel Mountain Resort C&C
$239 Banff International Hotel Hotel
$239 Mountaineer Lodge L&I
$244 Rundlestone Lodge Hotel
$259 Buffalo Mountain Lodge L&I
$269 Castle Mountain Chalets C&C
$270 Simpson's Num-Ti-Jah Lodge L&I
$319 Delta Banff Royal Canadian Lodge Hotel
$376 Brewster's Shadow Lake Lodge BCL
$379 The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
$449 Moraine Lake Lodge L&C / C&C
$449 The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel
Price Hotel Website Class

Notes in brackets: [ ]

PRICE: Cost of standard room (rack-rate) in Canadian dollars for two people generated by the website [2] booking engine for Wednesday, July 30, 2008 with the reservation made July 5, 2008. Does not include taxes. Many Banff hotel lodgings discount the rack-rate which can save more money. For example there are discounts for booking on the Internet from the website, and for AAA, CAA, AARP, seniors, etc. Make sure you check out a half dozen websites surrounding your first choice. You may find one of these higher-value and lower-cost for your particular circumstances. Some websites do not have booking engines. For these, several sources where checked to estimate their lowest price [1][3][4].

Caution: Always check the refund policy before you book. Normally the most lenient one is when you book directly with the property. A poor refund policy can ruin a budget if you have to make changes.

Hotel: The list of hotels were were all taken from source [1]. Not all of the hotels are listed on this page. Those closed in summer, requiring hiking or trail animals to get to the lodging, and very primitive accommodations were purged. Also the camping accommodations and bed and breakfast accommodations are on other pages of this website. For a complete list, see [1].

Website: The website of the hotel (URL). The listed web address was used to get prices and other hotel information.

Class: The Banff Lake Louise Tourism website [1] lists accommodations in the following catagories with some lodging being listed in multiple categories. Here are the keys.

  • Back Country Lodges -- BCL
  • Bed & Breakfast -- Listed on another page of this website
  • Chalets & Condos -- C&C
  • Hostels & Campgrounds -- Listed on other pages of this website
  • Hotels -- Hotels
  • Lodges & Inns -- L&I

Data Sources:
[1] Banff Lake Louise Tourism --
[2] The website of the hotel property
[3] AAA CAA Western Canada & Alaska Tour Book, 2008 Edition
[4] Other Internet sources