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Boab Moose's Birth Place
Banff Food Critic
Mooose Meadow
Birth Place

Boab, a moose, has been appointed as the official Banff food critic by the owners of This young moose, born and orphaned in Moose Meadows, Banff National Park, Canada, is an example of a local moose making good. Here is his journey from orphan to Banff food critic.

Moose are known as finicky eaters -- and when Moose Meadows began to dry, Boab's parents started their migration north to the more succulent grasses of Jasper National Park.

But they left Boab behind!

We're not sure, but it is during this time that we think Boab developed his intense dislike of the cold. What happened next is somewhat unclear.

This is what Boab remembers.

"I got awful cold and I think I went to sleep. When I awoke I was on a table crowded together with many other animals of all sizes and shapes in a place they called the Banff Gondola gift shop. I think it was some type of orphanage for orphan animals. People kept coming and picking up one or another animal and looking at some tag they had attached to them. I was pretty scared, but at least I was warm. Then it happened. A big man came and stood before me and looked straight into my eyes for the longest time. Then, never looking at my tag or anything else, he grabbed me and took me to the counter where money exchanged hands. I think it was some kind of adoption fee. He carried me out the door where it was cold and I was terrorized that I was going back to the bitter wind, cold, and the loneliness of Moose Meadows. But shortly I was in the warm cab of a truck and a kind lady was looking into my eyes and saying the nicest things. I learned the big man's name was Jerry and the kind ladies name was Dee. I knew then that everything would be all right -- or would it?"

Bumper's Hamburger
Boab with
Bumper's Hamburger

We (Dee and Jerry) had to give a name to this little orphaned moose so we called him Boab, the initials of our website, Banff-on-a-Budget. We made a comfortable spot in the trailer for Boab and in the next week we took him everywhere -- drives along the Icefields Parkway to the Columbia Icefield Centre, and along the Bow Valley Parkway to a hike up the Johnston Canyon Trail, -- and many other hikes and activities including rafting down the Bow River. But Boab liked the food at the picnics and restaurants the best. During this time we found out that Boab had inherited the finicky appetite of a Moose and that he was turning out to be quite the food critic -- commenting on all food presented to him. Even commenting on Dee's cooking in the trailer and the picnics she put together -- including an assessment of any wine. The seeds of a Banff food critic had been sown. We grew quite fond of Boab and decided to take him to southern California during the winter so he could live his life as one of the Canadian snowbirds who come south to avoid harsh Canadian winters. Then the unthinkable happened. Dee took Boab out of the warm pocket in her parka, where he usually travelled when not in the truck, and left him on the counter of a shop in the Cascade Plaza mall.

As we came out of the Cascade Plaza and zipped our parkas against the blustering wind of an afternoon thunderstorm -- Dee's heart sank. Boab was not in the travel pocket of her parka. Ever parent knows the feeling when a kid is misplaced, and having raised three children, we knew the feeling well. Frantically we tried to remember the shops we had visited in the Cascade Plaza and retraced our steps to every one -- with no success, until we visited the Banff Rexall drug store.

Dee Finds the Moose
Dee Finds the Moose

The clerks thought someone might come back for him and they put him in a place where he could people watch -- one of his favorite pastimes. But it was almost too late. His new friends were starting to grow fond of him and were willing to provide him a home. The deciding factor? Boab really wanted to visit southern California and Disneyland. That he has done, and he has found he likes spending the summers in Banff and the winter in southern California as a Canadian snowbird. Boab does not like the cold!

Welcome Boab, our official Banff food critic and wine connoisseur.

Boab-Banff Food Critic
Banff Food Critic
Checking a Budget Wine