Banff Bed and Breakfast Lodging

Banff bed and breakfast lodgings are excellent choices for the budget minded if camping and hostels have no appeal. This is especially true if you factor in the cost of breakfast with the lodging.

Banff Buffaloberry Bed and Breakfast
Banff Buffaloberry Bed and Breakfast

There are about 36 bed and breakfast lodgings in Banff to chose from with a wide range of prices. Summer peak prices range from as low as $60 to more than $325 per night -- with the high range obviously outside the range of the budget minded.

I love B&Bs. For ten years I travelled 60 days a year for the government and always looked for Bed and Breakfast accommodations that were within government per diem rates (think budget). During this time I never had a bad experience, so I decided to take my wife to one. The first one had a shared bathroom and a honeymoon couple lived in the bathroom 24 hours a day. Bad experience. We always booked an in-room bath from then on. The only other bad experience was a room that had beautiful antique chairs that felt like medieval torture devices. The most comfortable chair? An antique dental chair, -- something you would only find in a B&B.

Here is a listing of Banff bed and breakfast lodgings sorted by lowest summer prices first. Winter rates are often less, but some facilities are not open in the winter.

Caution: Use these prices as a guide only. You will not know the actual price, minimum stay, cancellation policy, bathroom facilities, and other vital information until you contact the B&B. Some of the rates may be for double occupancy, which might mean they cost twice as much as listed. There is often a substantial increase in value by checking out the next-to-lowest price for any lodging, so you may want to check if this is the case.

In researching comments on Banff B&B lodging, most were complimentary, but a few travelers had some poor experiences (host playing loud TV all night, etc.) I'm not too sure how to protect against this except to trust your instincts when making reservations and if staying multiple nights, try to have some escape clause if things are unacceptable. Your credit card company may be able to help here.

  • Tan-Y-Bryn B&B $40-75
  • Mrs. J. McHardy Cabins $60-80
  • Odenthal's B&B $60-90
  • Holiday Lodge B&B and Cabins $65
  • C.Riva's Place $70-90
  • Cottage B&B $70-90
  • Heidi's B&B $70-85
  • Mountain Country B&B $75-140
  • Mountain View B&B $75-130
  • Park Avenue B&B $75-85+
  • Banffy B&B $79-139
  • A Good Night's Rest $85-140
  • Alpine B&B $95+
  • At Wits End B&B $95-135
  • B&B on Caribou $95+
  • Big Horn B&B $95-139
  • Casa Banff B&B $95-135
  • Poplar Inn $100-165
  • Rocky Mountain B&B $100-160
  • Woodside Cottage B&B $100-110
  • B&B on Mountain Lane $110-150
  • Banff Avenue B&B $119-139
  • Blue Mountain Lodge $119-179
  • Hillside Bungalows B&B $120+
  • Banff Beaver Cabins $125-195
  • Banff Squirrels Nest B&B $125+
  • Cascade Court B&B $135-155
  • Mountain Home B&B $135-165
  • Treetops B&B $135-165
  • Banff Mountain Thyme B&B $139-159
  • Banff B&B $150
  • Country Cabin $150
  • Riverside B&B $150+
  • Treutler's Resort B&B $150-250
  • Thea's House $245-265
  • Buffaloberry B&B $260+

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