Banff, Jasper and Glacier National Parks
Book Review

Banff, Jasper, & Glacier National Parks, by Korina Miller, Susan Derby, and David Lukas, Lonely Planet Publications, London, 2004.

The first thing you notice when you thumb through the book is the lack of color photographs in the body of the book. Up front are about eight pages of gorgeous color photographs. The rest of the book is all text with lots of maps, informative side bars, and a few black and white photographs and sketches. This small book efficiently packs in the content you need in a practical, and interesting-to-read manner.

We have several other books on Banff, but this is the go-to guide book used in planning our trip in advance and planning each day when we are there. It is getting pretty well thumbed. If you plan on buying only one book on Banff, this would be on your short list.

How we found it was interesting. Matt Harding, the "dancing man", has visited many places in over 55 countries, including Antarctica. He likes to travel to exotic places. At each place he visits he positions himself in front of some interesting scene and performs a short dance which he videos. His videos have gone viral and he has a huge audience. According to his website (, he uses Lonely Planet guide books. If you visit his website, you can watch him dance. He has visited, but as yet (Summer, 2009) not danced in Canada. Matt's use of Lonely Planet guide books was good enough for us, so we sought out their guide book on Banff. We found it, bought it, and were not disappointed.

Topics include:

  • itineraries
  • highlights
  • activities
  • planning the trip
  • experiencing Banff
  • experiencing icefields parkways
  • map section
  • experiencing Jasper
  • experiencing Glacier/Waterton
  • history
  • geology
  • ecosystems
  • appendices on Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Glacier National Park, and Waterton Lakes National Parks

The appendices are mostly resources including a list of telephone numbers of about any place you would want to call, books on various topics, etc.

What we especially liked, an excellent index that lets you quickly find the content you seek.

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